Anyone who knows me knows that I am a bargain shopper.  I like to claim that I'm a "frugalista."  :o)  Therefore, the apps that I discuss on here will either be free (like this one) or inexpensive and worth the money.

"Speech To Go" is an app that I found that targets articulation.  It includes every phoneme (sound) in the English language.  Each sound has a name (hard c, like k), a voice will make the appropriate sound with examples of words that begin with that sound, then it gives an explanation of how that sound is made.  It is a neat tool for therapists if you are having a hard time explain what your articulators (tongue, teeth, palate, etc) are doing when making the sound.  I wish it had a video example as well, but I guess you could always show your client too.  It can be helpful for parents to know how to explain to a child what should be happening.  Plus, the kids are hearing another good example of that sound.  This is another time that a visual might come in handy, but that's not included in the app.

It's not a "must have", but it can be handy.

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