My husband's family is a family that sings... a lot.  They take tunes that they know and change the words to fit the situation.  It can really be quite funny - either the lyrics themselves... or just how bad the song gets butchered.  It's one of those that are you are either laughing with them or at them, but either way, we are laughing.

My son just recently started singing songs and remembering them.  It has been a slow progression since he was about 2 1/2 years old, but I noticed the other day that he really does know most of the lyrics of songs now!  Of course, he's singing: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jesus Loves Me, Baby Beluga, Row Row Row Your Boat, etc.  These are not top 10 hits (except for in our mini-van).  One of his favorite songs in the Spiderman theme song (the original, from the 1960s).  That one always cracks me up.

It made me start to think about when kids started to sing.  Of course, every child is different.  However, kids should usually start to sing songs and follow along with a tune between ages 2 and 3.  That doesn't mean that you start introducing music at age 2.  Kids need to have music around them from the time they are infants.  When I saw music, I mean lullabies, praise and worship songs (if you are religious), kids songs with catchy beats, instrumental music, etc.  There are so many benefits - learning to tap out of beat (first you will tap it out on their leg or bounce them as they listen), rhyming, variation in pitch, etc.  You may not be a world class singer, but your child doesn't mind and he/she needs to hear your voice.  Sing to your child/children when you put them to bed, wake them up, in the car, etc.  Music development 
Have you ever thought something was a GREAT idea, thought it was terrible while you were doing it, but afterwards realized that it wasn't so bad and you may repeat it?  Well, that happened with our first trip to the Library, but now it is a weekly occurrence.

We can't make the preschool story time because it conflicts with my daughter's nap.  So, I decided that we should take a trip down to the library.  I figured it would be better to ride my bike and let the kids sit in the bike trailer.  I wanted them to be able to have time to look at things in their world and for us to be able to discuss them.  (I'm always looking for ways to incorporate language learning in our everyday lives.)  Well, the entire way there the kids fought in the bike trailer.  However, Timothy did learn the word "antagonize" - so at least we had some language learning.  By the time we got the library, I was hot and aggravated.  I put on a smile and told the kids that we were going to get books!  Timothy was very excited.  Joanna was not so eager.  When we got in there, Timothy ran from book shelf to book shelf looking for any train or car on the cover of a book saying, "oh!  I like this book!"  Joanna, on the other hand, just pulled every DVD they owned and put it on the floor.  I wasn't able to help Timothy because I was scurrying to pick up the movies and put them back.  Joanna didn't really get much out of this whole experience (or so I thought).  The image that I had in my head of me helping Timothy and Joanna find books, sitting on the big bean bag chairs, reading them books and laughing was definitely NOT what happened.

We left with our books, we made it back to the house with both children intact (maybe a few scratches from fighting), but then an amazing thing happened.  They both went to the library bag, picked out a book, sat on the couch together (without fighting) and read their books!  What's even more amazing is that they ask to go back every time we drive by the library.  Even my one year old points to the building and starts laughing and getting excited saying "book!"

Sometimes language learning doesn't look good, it isn't easy, but it's definitely worth it.
I feel like I do this from time to time, but I truly just needed some time away.  My husband returned from a deployment, we took time to go visit family and friends, we moved, and now I'm nearly 6 months pregnant with our 3rd child.  *sigh*

With that said, I've realized that I was putting so much pressure on the blog.  I wanted to make sure to blog 3-5 times a week and when I couldn't hit that, I was disappointed.  I have realized that it's ok to blog just 2-3 times per week.  No one has time to read my blog every single day anyway!!

So, I'm starting off with some Halloween throw-backs.  Click here for a great free printable Halloween idea.  Can you believe that it's already close to Halloween?  Also, check out my TeachersPayTeachers site for more Halloween materials.  There's even another free one on there!