It's the start of a new month and I'm into the 2nd month of my husband's deployment.  That means that I'm into the 2nd month of being a (temporary) single mom of 2 kids - one age 2 years and one age 2 months.  Wow... that's a lot of 2s!  :o)

I'm going to start a new plan.  My goal is to blog 3 days a week.  I'm being realistic.  I just don't have time to blog all 5 days and I get overwhelmed when I think about getting behind.  I want to make sure to blog about things that people want to read about.  Therefore, please use the contact button and tell me what YOU are hoping to learn about by visiting the blog.  

My goal is to upload a printable item or highlight a website that has free printables on Fridays.  To be honest?  That gives me all week to get it done.  

Thank you for being so patient.  It's good to be back.