Now that Memorial Day has passed, most kids are on summer break!  Here is a great outdoor game that you can make for your little one.  This is just some old fashioned fun, but we can always add language to it!

Collect up plastic tumblers, tennis ball cans, or empty plastic bottles and set them up as bowling pins.  Then, select a ball to use as a bowling ball.  Allow your child to bowl outside (or inside if it's raining).  If you have a long hallway, then it would make the perfect bowling alley (especially for little ones who may not be able to aim well).  

You can talk about what is happening:  the ball is rolling, the pins are falling, you are chasing the ball, etc.  It can also be a great way to learn to take turns and invite some of the neighborhood kids over.

If you are feeling really brave and your "pins" have tops, then you could add some paint (washable, of course) to the inside of your "pins", put the top on, and let your child shake and roll the pin to let the pins be colored.  Again, you can be talking about action words the entire time!

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