I've blogged about it before... it's one of my soap boxes... the topic of kids and TV.  My philosophy is that the less kids watch TV, the better.  My soap box stats come from the   American Academy of Pediatrics and their guidelines.  However, if your child is watching tv PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it a child appropriate show.  Child appropriate, in my opinion, is one that teaches some kind of lesson (letters, numbers, counting, colors, manners, etc), is a slower moving cartoon (I have read that its hard when kids cannot process the fast-paced moving pictures, they tend to zone out and just see it as flashes of light), and is not violent. 

Well, I was going through some old magazines and Parenting had a great article back in April 2012 (I know... I'm behind on everything... even reading magazines) that spoke on this topic.  The article focused on the speed of cartoons and its effects on their attention span.  They had three groups of kids:  those who watched a fast paced cartoon, those who watched a slower paced cartoon, and those who did not watch TV at all and drew instead.  They stated, "the kids who viewed the faster-paced bug-eyed yellow square did not perform as well as the scribblers and those who watched the mellow tot."

Next time your child is watching a cartoon or kid-friendly show, take notice of how fast the characters are moving, the number of scene changes (and the speed at which it happens), if the camera is panning back and forth between characters or has a wider angle so that there is less movement, etc.

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