Are you just tuning in?  We are talking about creating a sensory box to teach kids how to describe.  Using our five senses is a great way to get kids tuned into describing.  These are things that they see, hear, touch, taste, and smell everyday, but don't realize that that is what describing is  all about.  Click here to see Monday's blog to get caught up fast!

Kids love to touch everything!  How many times did I hear, "look with your eyes, not with your hands" when I was in a store with my  mother?  A bazillion!  That's because she knew I would always want to see how things felt.  When you are creating your sensory box, you will want to try to target as many feeling sensations as possible:
  • soft
  • hard
  • smooth
  • rough
  • bumpy
  • squishy
  • sticky (one of those sticky hands that kids tend to pick up in party favors would work great)

I chose a piece of craft foam for smooth, cotton ball for soft, a piece from "clippo hippo" (my son's toy) for bumpy, and a small piece of sandpaper for rough.  I would love to add squishy and sticky, but I didn't have those around my house and will scour the dollar store for something that fits the bill!

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