Is your child having a hard time remembering what a preposition is?  There's a great way to help him/her remember the list of prepositions or what a preposition is.  All you need is some paper, a writing utensil, and some stickers (preferably something small and a living thing).  

Take your piece of paper and draw a house.
Now place the stickers all over the paper to depict a house.

Here is a short list of prepositions to get you started:  above, below, in, out, on, off, in front of, behind, beside/next to, around, across, after, before, between, following, toward, away from.  Now, you can't possibly depict every single preposition.  However, it will give your child a visual to remember a good number of them!

I wrote the prepositions that are being depicted on the back of my preposition house.  I tried to write them in the general area of where the ladybug was in order to help identify which was which.  

Also, I have mine on two pieces of paper so that I could cut the door open and have a ladybug "inside" the preposition house.  I then laminated it in order to make it last longer.
8/31/2016 12:36:49 pm


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