Have you heard crickets chirping for the last three weeks?  You always hear crickets chirping when there is silence.  I thought I had things under control and then I got sick and then Joanna has had a few issues (nothing major).  She is now 3 weeks old.  Do I have things handled?  Nope, but I've come to the realization that I may not have a handle on things for a while and so I'm going to start the blog up again and just see how often I get to blog!

The summer Olympics only happen every 4 years and there is only a week left.  Have your kids caught Olympic fever yet?  I hope so!  I will be blogging about ways to involve your kids in the Olympics AND include some language learning!

You may want to start off with a "bang" and hold your own Olympics!  You could get your entire neighborhood involved.  Publish the events ahead of time (track - 100 yard dash, table tennis tournament, synchronized swimming contest, freestyle swimming meet, relay race, kartwheel contest, etc) and have an entire day of fun!  If kids don't know what one of the events is, he/she will know that vocabulary word by the end of the day for sure!  Remember that INVOLVING kids is one of the best methods of teaching!

Oh... and don't forget some medals at the end - even if they are only printed out certificates like these here.

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