For typical development, it is expected that an 18 month old child can follow two part directions.  I've always known this little tidbit, but I actually saw it in use the other day!  A friend's child was told, "go to your room and get a book."  She had just turned 18 months in the last few days and she actually followed the instructions (first time)!  It was so fun and exciting to see the milestone in action!!!

If your child isn't following two part instructions yet, then here is a fun way to practice.  It's best if you have multiple participants (adults or "big kids").  Tell your little one to get an item (make sure he/she knows the names of the objects) and give it to a specific person (also make sure that he/she knows everyone's names).  Then you can make it a game.  Put a pile of items in a room.  I wouldn't suggest using toys because the child may want to play instead of "work."  Tell your child, "get the shoe and give it to Ms. Emily".  Ms. Emily can get very excited when she receives the item in order to give your child the positive feedback he/she desires.  

This activity is also great for kids who are working on listening comprehension.  :o)

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