During my CF year (first year that a speech therapist is working), I was working in a Middle School.  Almost every one of my kids had "figurative language" on their set of goals.  That's not surprising since figurative language is so abstract, which makes it difficult for kids with learning disabilities, delays, or are on the Autism Spectrum (which made up about half of my caseload).  Therefore, I created and began a program called "Idiom Of The Week".  Each week I would highlight a different idiom.  I tried to make sure that they corresponded with an upcoming holiday or was one they may hear or use often.  I would then send a note home to the parents and notify all the teachers.  I wanted these kids to see and hear these idioms as often as possible.  Each week we would talk about the idiom - what it sounded like it meant and what it actually meant.  Then we would try to use it in a meaningful sentence while in therapy.  Whenever I "dropped" by their class, I would make sure to use it while I was there or if someone said it to me (in a meaningful sentence) before I could say it, then that person would get a prize.  The whole school Special Education department really got into it and it was quite fun! 

Speech Therapists - this may be a way to work on figurative language with your kids.
Parents - this may be a fun thing to do with your kids since figurative language can be very difficult.

See the website for a free downloadable example of the signs I made and hung up on the walls.

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