Have you missed me?  I've certainly missed you!  We got the stomach bug here - all of us - several times.  Ugh!  I always blog in the morning before my son wakes up and I've been so wiped out from being sick that I've been sleeping in and just totally off my schedule.  Well, I'm back (and better than ever)!

Speaking of Speech is an AWESOME website.  I've blogged about it before (check the links page).  It's a great site that has FREE printable materials and a message board to buy and sell speech therapy materials... among other things.

A friend from work showed me this lovely little worksheet and I think it's fantastic!  I can't take the credit (and I won't), but some fabulous SLP out there made this to help other SLPs and parents with kids working on Final Consonant Deletion.  You simple say most of the word as you trace the line with your finger, and then you put a sticky note (3 in x 3 in - standard size) with the final consonant you are trying to target on the square and make that sound REALLY LOUD!  The kids seem to love it and it's simple!!  

You can find it on the website or simply download the worksheet here.
9/13/2014 01:17:35 am

Oh my gosh, I have this visual and I use it ALL the time, but I can't remember where I got it. Thanks so much for posting it!


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