The Super Bowl is only 6 days away.  I don't know about you, but our house is a football house.  Saturdays is college ball and Sundays is NFL.  Our TV gets to rest from late January (or early February this year) until August when pre-season begins.  

Multiple meanings is something that can be very difficult for kids.  When I worked with the Middle School population, I always went through the multiple meaning flashcards that I had created at least once or twice a month.  It's good for them to realize that some words can mean different things and be used in different contexts.  

I thought about this when I thought about the word "super".  Have you thought about the different meanings for the word "super"?  People who live in apartments can have a "super" (I know this is an abbreviated word.  However, it's how it is used and so it should be taught that way) - someone who fixes things.  Super can add emphasis to a feeling - I'm SUPER excited, I'm SUPER sad.  Super can also mean something extraordinary or mythical when used as "super powers" or "super man".  It can also just mean that something is good - Oh wow, that's super!  

Now try that for Bowl - something you eat out of, a sport, a game (super bowl), etc.

Divide a piece of paper into four sections.  Have your child write the word in one quadrant and draw a picture with a sentence to explain the meaning in each other quadrant.  You can punch holes in your papers and start a multiple meanings notebook.

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