Folder games are one of my favorite activities to create and have on hand.  They are inexpensive, easy to make, easy to tote around, and don't take up much space.  I'm going to try to give you a new idea for a folder game each Friday - do you love the alliteration?  (Alliteration is a great pre-reading skill)  All you need is: a file folder (any color), envelope (any size), scissors, glue, possibly markers, pictures, and creativity!  

A file folder game typically targets one skill:  matching, counting, opposites, etc.  For older kids, you can actually create a game-board for a game on the go.  To get the kids involved, let them color the outside of the folder and decorate it any way they want.  The inside of the folder will hold the "meat and potatoes".  You can glue the envelope to the inside (if there is room, if not, paste it to the outside somewhere) and put all game pieces in it.  Paste the printed game on the inside and you are ready to go!

If you're feeling really snazzy, there are some ways you can "upgrade" your file folder games.  You can print the game and game pieces onto card-stock.  You can laminate the file folder game or use contact paper.  This will make it last longer.  You can use velcro dots to allow the game pieces to stay securely where your child has placed it.

Here are some pictures of file folder games (so you get the idea).  Be on the lookout for tomorrow first friday folder game fun day!


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