Another great website that I tripped across this past week is called 123 Listening.  The part that I will blog about is called, "Listening Worksheet Templates."  The best part about this website is that it has the software built in to create listening worksheets.  It's easy too!  You simply select the type of worksheet that you want to make (2 options, 3 options, matching, writing under the picture, match and write) and the words.  You then create the worksheet and the pictures magically appear!  

I created a listening page for adjectives.  My intent was not to use it with someone who is working on listening comprehension, but working on antonyms.  Therefore, I used opposing adjectives.  I chose dark/light, clean/dirty, dry/wet, near/far, old/new, empty/full, fast/slow, strong/weak.  The pictures are really entertaining and get the point across.  Another great feature is that I can print one to use as a worksheet and print another on cardstock, cut it up, and create flashcards!

This website has:  adjectives, animals, body parts, chores, classroom, colors, daily routines, feelings/emotions, foods, hobbies, holidays (several different ones), prepositions, questions, science, verbs, weather, and more!  You could even use the website just to retrieve the pictures.

Check this great website out for pictures, language activities, and listening activities!

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