This post is geared more for the speech therapists, but parents - there is a lot for you on that site also (namely the information on normal speech development, communication disorders, and pictures of things you know your child needs to work on at home).  

You know me - I love FREE!  Speech-Language-Therapy is site filled with FREE stuff!  The best part is that it has tons of word lists WITH pictures.  No more searching through google images to create your own flashcards (well, not for the things they have on the site, at least).  They have links to other useful sites, which takes some of the guess-work out of internet searches for you.  The table of contents page is a good place to start.  They have information on typical development, communication disorders, etc.  Now, the "freebies" page is my favorite.  They have a quick phonological screener, therapy facts and tricks, and TONS of pictures for articulation and phonology.  The most useful thing I have found are the minimal pairs for phonology therapy!  Wow!  Minimal pairs that are printable.  All I did was print, cut, and paste onto flashcards!  Woohoo!

Hope you find some good stuff in there.

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