I love this time of year.  We live near a large Amish community and now that the weather is nicer, produce stands pop up everywhere!!  It is so nice to have fresh fruits and vegetables grown by local people.  That got me thinking about a fun activity you could do with your kids!

Vegetable prints are fun for kids.  Simply slice a vegetable (or fruit) in half, put some paint on one side, and let your kids use that as a stamp on their paper.  They can see how each fruit and vegetable is different on the inside and how they look different on the paper.  If you don't want to give up a whole half of your fruit/vegetable, then you could always just make a slice out of the middle.

Now, how do you make this activity into a language learning activity?  There are lots of ways!  You could:
  • have your child say the name of the vegetable and come up with what letter it starts with and write that down
  • compare/contrast the different vegetable/fruit prints that were made
  • have your child smell/touch/taste the fruit/vegetable to help describe or compare the different fruits/vegetables (obviously, let them taste it BEFORE putting paint on its surface)
  • have them stamp 1 of one piece of produce, 2 of another, 3 of another, and then it becomes a counting activity
  • talk about what makes a fruit a fruit and what makes a vegetable a vegetable

Have fun exploring and painting with fresh produce this Spring and Summer!
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