Cards can get expensive these days... especially if you are like me and set a precedent to send them to your "baby cousins" from the time they were born and don't feel like you can stop now.

Plus, we have had some bad weather days where we just can't go outside.  What is a mother to do?  Have your child make Valentines!

It's simple and it can be so much fun.  All you need is: paper, art supplies, time, and some imagination.

The card on the left is a bit more involved.  I used my son's hand-print and my daughter's foot-print to make the letters "o" and "v" respectfully in the word "love".  I suggest using washable paint and doing this outdoors.  I then wrote in the letters "l" and "e" with a red permanent marker.

The card on the right is easier and can be made into a learning activity easily.  Kids like stickers, right?  (I know mine does) Have your child do some "work" (whatever his/her speech goals are or whatever you are teaching him/her right now) to earn a sticker.  After you have placed some stickers on the card (we used heart and star stickers for our Valentines), then he/she can color on it afterwards (I don't think Timothy was quite into coloring the day we made this card).  Write a cute note inside and you are done!

If your child is older, then have him/her come up with the greeting that should be written inside, have your child write his/her name, etc.

This activity is a great activity that can easily be made easier for small children (we've been making cards since before Timothy could talk) and older children (even Middle Schoolers may get into this if you allow them to color a scene on the front instead of using stickers).

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