I love finding websites that do the thinking for you!  I like to be creative, but sometimes I need a little help.  This site is a great way to connect books (which all parents love) and crafts (which most kids love).  When I was teaching deaf ed pre-school, we would do one book the entire week.  Kids benefit from repetition.  We read the book each day during our reading/circle time.  We then would do crafts, activities, and lessons all based on that book.  There is a lot to learn from books.  For example:
  • My Closet Had a Party:  We learned about different types of clothing, sorted clothing by different seasons, and could talk about the steps to getting dressed
  • Dear Zoo:  We learned about different animals, sorted between animals that could be pets and those that could not, and learned a lot about adjectives.

I wish I had known about The Best Kids Book Site while I was teaching.  You can click on a category (winter) and it will bring you to a page FILLED with links of information.  There will be a list of books that you could read (usually on the left hand side of the page), crafts that would match the theme and books (usually on the right hand side of the page), and related topics (usually in the middle).

But WAIT!!!  There's more!!!  (I feel like a "made for TV" commercial)  There are drop down menus at the top of the page for easy searching.  They have things sorted by: kinds of crafts, books, holidays, and letters (yup... tons of stuff to do for each letter of the alphabet).  They also have craft blogs listed and a link for FREE coloring sheets!!  

I'm sure this one will become "bookmarked" on several people's computers after their first visit!  Happy reading and happy crafting!

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