A colleague recently told me about this website and I just got up this morning to take a look at it.  Wow!  Was I impressed!  

Help Kidz Learn is an interactive site with games, stories, activities, and a parent section.  What I really liked was that most of the games and stories are switch activated!  For those of you who don't know what "switch activated" means, very briefly it is a way for non-verbal, limited verbal output, and limited mobility children have in order to access toys.  You would use a large switch (looks like a big button that you can press) and set it up with the computer (or toy or whatever is switch activated) and the switch, when hit, will make the game/toy do something!  

Once you sign up with the website (free for membership), then you have access to the games, songs, stories, and activities.  They have a great little counting song with awesome counting activities on there, some social stories (without words) for older kids, etc.  Some of the social stories may be good for older kids who are on the autism spectrum and benefit from social stories.

One of my favorite "games" is "pick and play".  You select an instrument (there are three to choose from) and then you get to hear what it sounds like!  This is a great activity for kids who are learning to listen.  It's also a great activity for kids who are working on listening comprehension if you sit with the child and tell them which one to select.  It can also be great for kids who are learning the vocabulary of instruments.

Another great aspect of this website??  It's FREE!  They have ipad apps to download.  The apps cost money, but could be a great investment if the site works for you.  

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