Recently, my son has started to attempt to imitate just about everything he hears.  It's so cute!  My father-in-law calls it "Pete and Repeat".  However, I noticed that he is struggling with multi-syllabic words.  Therefore, I went into "speech therapist" mode.  Here are some easy ways to work on multi-syllabic words if your child is dropping one of the syllables.

1.  tap on your child's hand for each syllable (can - dy would be two taps).  
2.  Pull out blocks or toys of some kind and place the correct number of toys to correspond with the number of syllables (3 syllables = 3 blocks).  You would then touch each toy or block while saying each syllable (to-mor-row).  Always model before you have the child attempt it.

Here is a short video to show you how it's done.

Remember that we are always trying to make sure to try to present information in more than one way.  This will help by giving your child a tactile and visual stimulus!
This tactic can be used with young children who are learning to talk and imitate words.  It can also be used with kids who are working on articulation, the phonological pattern of syllable reduction, or kids who are learning to listen.  For those who are learning to listen, this gives them a visual aid to help them know how many parts of the word that they should be hearing.

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