I stumbled upon a great site yesterday:  www.spellingcity.com.  This website does have "premium" options for those who pay a membership fee ($30 for the year for up to 5 students).  However, there are SO MANY GREAT things that are FREE!!  I'll blog about those things.

First off, to piggy back off of our "multiple meanings" blog from yesterday, there are lists and lists of multiple meaning words.  Sometimes it is hard to come up with words that have multiple meanings.  However, if you had a list, that may help you when creating your multiple meanings pages with your child.  Simply click on "multiple meanings" in the "featured vocabulary and spelling lists" box located about halfway down the page on the left hand side.

You can also insert your child's spelling/vocabulary words and the computer will generate FREE games or worksheets!  This makes learning fun and interactive.  Plus, it can be a great reward for getting homework done or doing chores.  Let's face it... they have to practice those spelling words anyway, right?  What better way to do it!

For those kids with articulation word lists, insert your articulation words to create some fun games. After each turn you take, practice saying the word 5 times!

This site also has TONS of teaching resources.  You can click on the "teaching resources" tab at the top and a list of topics will pop up.  Click on any one and you will find videos, enrichment strategies, word lists, games, articles, explanations, etc.  Just this morning I learned what a "capitonym" is!

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