I've blogged before about "choose games".  Today's "choose game" is an even simpler version, but is fun none-the-less.  Simply print off pictures of a shamrock (or any other St. Patrick's Day themed image:  pot of gold, leprechaun, rainbow, Ireland, etc).  Place a stick on some of the shamrocks and turn them all over.  Have the child do some work (with whatever goal you are targeting) and then let him/her choose a shamrock.  You choose a shamrock on your turn too.  Whoever has the most shamrocks with stickers on them, wins!  Isn't that easy?  I didn't have any stickers (I was at work when I made the game) and so I drew a star on each one. 

If your child needs a little more movement than simply putting the shamrocks on the table, then you could also tape the shamrocks (sticker side down) on the wall.  Have your child throw a bean bag at the wall.  Whichever shamrock he/she hits (or is close to hitting), let him/her pick that shamrock.  That can make the same game seem very different to a child.

If you have access to ellison cuts (dye-cuts) at a school, then cutting out shamrocks using the dye-cut would be a lot faster!  I laminated mine to help with durability.

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