I meant to post this on Thursday, but had many meetings.  I then had every intention of posting this on Friday, but taxes and a sonogram (we're having a GIRL for baby #2) and Timothy's 4th ear infection got in the way (I think PE tubes are in our future).  Then, I was determined to post on Saturday, but... well... you get the picture.  Here I am... early Monday morning and I'm FINALLY posting it!

Here is a very simple St. Patrick's Day book.  All I did was print it off, cut it in half, and then cut off the bottom edge.  If your child is working on cutting, then allowing him/her to try to cut the shamrock out of each page would give him/her a lot of practice!  I then used a 3-hole punch to make the two holes and tied ribbon, that I had at the house, for the binding.  One helpful tip:  You can burn the edges of most ribbons to prevent fraying.  

You can read this book to your child, have him/her read it to you, discuss all of the information that is contained within the book, and even let your child color pictures on the opposing sides to help reinforce his/her learning!  If your child is working on a particular sound, highlight (in green) all of the words that contain his/her sound for practice!!!

PDF version of the book

3/11/2012 07:43:33 pm

Thanks for sharing! I may use this with my students this week as a fun thing to do after lessons :)


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