Who remembers "mad libs"?  Anyone?  I used to LOVE mad libs (maybe one small indication at a young age that I might become a speech therapist - or a teacher - or actually, both!).

When working at the middle school, we would do "speech libs" from time to time as a "reward".  The kids thought they were hilarious and didn't really realize that they were practicing parts of speech.  We would review what an adjective (describes a noun), noun (person, place, thing), verb (action word), and Adverb (describes a verb) were before we got started (and came up with examples for kids who struggled), but that's when the fun began.  They would call out really crazy nouns (belly button lint or snot) and wacky verbs (barfed, fart) to create some of the funniest "speech libs" ever!  (can you tell that I worked with mostly boys???)

Check out the website.  Iv'e attached one of the speech libs for your enjoyment.  Maybe your kids would enjoy doing this after dinner one night.  Grab a book of them at the bookstore for lots of practice and lots of fun!

If your child works on articulation, you could make it really challenging and make sure that each word he/she comes up with contains his/her speech sound.  Or, let him/her read it when its all complete to practice the speech sound in the paragraph.

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