I want to make sure to hit some topics for the SLPs out there.  Of course, the parents can always benefit from this too!  There are a TON of sites out there to help out SLPs with FREE stuff!  I love the word FREE for many reasons, but when it comes to materials and a budget (there's that dreaded b-word) that word FREE is even sweeter.

The site that I'm going to send you to is:  www.speakingofspeech.com.  This site has it all!
  • FREE PRINTABLE MATERIALS (probably the most valuable for parents and SLPs alike)
  • ideas message board
  • things that are "highly recommended" (since we've all bought something that turned out to not be as great as the advertising had promised)
  • a "help line" if you have questions or need an idea
  • IEP goal bank - this is the best since we tend to get in a rut and our goals start to sound vaguely familiar...
  • Lesson plans (these come in especially handy if you work with young children or do themed therapy)
  • Data forms
  • Links that are helpful
  • And my personal favorite... the "Speech Swap Meet".  It's a forum where you can post what items you are selling and which items you want to buy.  I've already sold some materials that I don't use anymore and plan to buy a few from others.

Check them out!

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