You want your child to learn matching... but you also need to fold the laundry and put it away.  There's a great way to combine both activities!  Pull out all of the socks and have your little one try to match them.  You may first need to show him/her a pair of matching socks and teach them that when they are exactly the same, they are called a match.  

You could also have the kids sort the clothes before folding them!  Put all the t-shirts, shorts, underwear, and socks in separate piles.  You could also have them sort by color BEFORE you do the wash.  This may help you sort out the loads before loading them in the washer.  There are so many great learning opportunities - even when it comes to laundry.  (Plus, then they are helping with chores - score!).

Is your child working on listening comprehension?  Ask for something specific in a pile of clothes.  This will keep your child occupied while you fold laundry

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