If you missed yesterday's blog, then click here to catch up fast!  We are talking about creating a sensory box in order to better teach kids how to describe.  Again, it can also be used as a great listening activity.

Hearing is a great one to do after sight because the kids can close their eyes (which we just worked on) to get an entirely different set of characteristics from one of their senses.  Therefore, they can really start to understand how their eyes truly do tell them different information than their ears.  

You hearing can tell you if something is:
  • loud/soft
  • what sound it makes (if its an animal, vehicle, etc)
  • high/low pitch
  • kind of sound:  smack, crackle, pop (ok... those cute little cereal guys thought of it first)
As you can see, two of the items overlap with our sense of sight.  That's ok!  Keep in mind that we want to keep everything to about the size of a shoebox so that it's easy to store and carry around (if you are a traveling therapist). I chose these 5 items because they are very different, but you could choose similar items or ones that are very different.  My egg is empty (because just the popping noise is cool enough), but you could put rice in an egg, seal it up, and then it has become yet another sound!

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