I've been debating about whether or not to post this since we had ended our week of activities with old Christmas Cards.  But I've finally decided that it's ok to go back and post this last idea.  

Some children have trouble reading others' emotions or have difficulty expressing emotions themselves.  One way to work on reading others' emotions is by looking at pictures and having the student "read" the face of the person in the picture.  What do you think the person is feeling?  Why?  How should you respond?  We can teach empathy, but we can teach proper responses to emotions.  Have you ever looked at the faces on Christmas cards?  Most of them are happy, but some of the funnier cards have kids who smell something bad or are fighting.  You also find some that are very solemn and serious - those are usually religious cards.  Don't forget that you can do this with any old greeting card - birthday, anniversary, etc.  Start collecting up cards with different emotions to add to your collection of materials with emotions.

One place I used to get a lot of my pictures were from magazines!!  Check those out too!

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