Sometimes you have to put your money where your mouth is.  You have to actually live what you preach.  Well, on September 7, 2011 I posted about the importance of a print-rich environment (check it out for more information).  It was easy for me to post about it then - Timothy was barely crawling!  Well, now he knows all of his letters and he is starting to figure out that letters make up words.  It's really cute.  He will name all the letters in a word and then guess what the word is.  It's usually associated with what he sees and knows, but he will be way off.  For example, he read the letters off my shirt: "f-r-o-g-s" and then said, "Mommy!"  He knew that I was Mommy and just figured that my shirt was advertising my title.  :o)  Therefore, I went to the dollar store (Dollar Tree), purchased some blank word strips, wrote out words of things he sees everyday, and posted them around the house.  Does my house look like a pre-school?  Yes.  But it will help him learn and, if you think about it, we are called to be the first teachers our children encounter.  Therefore, it's ok that our house looks like a pre-school!

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