In my "reading tree" model (left), fluency is one of the components to reading comprehension.  If your child is having trouble with reading fluently, then here are some activities to do WITH your child:

1.  Choral Reading
2.  Paired Reading
3.  Echo Reading

Today we will discuss choral reading... stay tuned for paired reading and echo reading later this week.

Choral Reading:

The following quote comes from ReadWriteThink and describes the research that is found behind choral reading.
"Support for choral reading is found in several reading theories and educational paradigms, including Dowhower (1987), Rosenblatt (1978), Samuels (1979), and Schreiber (1980). Through repeated readings of the text, the reader increases sight word vocabulary and ability to decode words quickly and accurately. This fluent reading enables the reader to spend less time on decoding and have greater comprehension of the text (Pikulski & Chard, 2005)."

Choral reading is designed to help a child become more fluent with his/her reading.  You will want to begin with a easier text selection in the beginning.  This way your child will get comfortable with the process of choral reading.  However, begin to select texts that are harder and harder.  This will allow your child to have access to texts that he/she would not ordinarily be able to read on his/her own.  He/she will then have success with a harder text.  As he/she practices reading at this harder level, your child is encountering more difficult vocabulary.  This gives you the opportunity to explain the meaning of the words so your child is learning the words and learning how to read the words.  This builds his/her confidence, sight word knowledge, and vocabulary.

When choosing material to read for this activity, consider things other than stories.  You could choose poems, song lyrics, a letter, etc.  Of course, books will work as well.  Remember, the more interesting the material (whether it's interesting, "colorful"/descriptive, funny, or rhymes), the more fun this activity will be.

How do you do choral reading?
  1. The adult reads the selection first while the child follows along silently
  2. The adult and the child reads through the selection together (yup... at the same time... like a CHORUS... get it?  CHORAL reading)
  3. Read through it in unison until the child feels very comfortable with that piece and his/her reading is fluent!
  4. Select a new piece

For more information, you can check out readingrockets.org

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