Yesterday, we discussed choral reading.  Our next activity to help with reading fluency is paired reading.

Like choral reading, you will read the same thing over and over in paired reading. It will give the child experience with a particular text to help with speed, accuracy, and site reading.  Therefore, you will want to choose a text that is fun or interesting.  The text could be a page of a book (a short paragraph if there are many words on the page), song lyrics, a poem, a letter, something from a magazine, etc.  You want to start off with something easy for your child to read to give him/her confidence and then increase the difficulty.

The procedure:
  1. You, the parent, will read the text once through as the child follows along.
  2. You and the child will read the text together three times through.
  3. The child will read the text by himself/herself

This can also be a great activity for a child who works on a particular sound.  This will give the child a lot of practice reading the sound in a longer text and following a good model (your speech).  This may boost his/her confidence to read in class!  It could also be good practice before performing a speech in front of the class.

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