Another great way to get your kids involved in reading is to let him/her write his/her own book!  It could be about something they did, something they want to do, or just a fictional story that they create!  Then, you can have a "story time" at your house where all of the kids get to share their book.  You may want to highlight one book each day or have everyone share at once.  That's up to you!

If your child is not reading yet, you can use an awesome set of software that will help your child read!!  Slater Software is a company that has created Picture It and Pix Writer (among other things).  With "Picture It", you can type the words that you want written and magically pictures appear above the words to help your child read the story!  Unfortunately, this company is closing it's doors on June 30th (the owners are retiring).  Therefore, if you want this software, GET IT NOW!!  (I believe the software is ON SALE, which is awesome for you, the consumer)

I made a book in a matter of minutes (literally, probably about 10 total).  I wrote up a very easy and silly story.  I pressed one button to make the words and pictures appear, and I printed it out.  I scanned it to create a .pdf file so that you can see what I mean.  I left room for the kids to be able to illustrate it themselves!  This is a great way for your child to "write" a book and have one that they can read!  Have your child tell you the story, you type it, and the pictures will help aid your child to read it when it comes to "story time" at your house.

Frog & Dog pdf book  I have to apologize now.  The scanner that I used created a line along the bottom of the pages.  Also, it will only scan in black and white.  However, Picture It will give you great color pictures above the words.

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