Did I fall off the face of the Earth?  No.  Do I feel like it?  Yes!  

This week is our Spring Break and I'm definitely taking a break.  Last week a co-worker took time off and I picked up a lot of her patients and so I was working full time (something I have not done in a year).  It was just hard to find time to sit down and blog.  However, I have to tell you about an amazing deal that is going on until the end of the week. 

Slater Software was started by a speech language pathologist and her husband.  She needed a computer program that would show pictures and text.  Her husband (I forget what kind of computer guru he was) wrote the program for her.  Picture It was born.  This program is AMAZING!  I use it to make articulation boards with words that I want.  I use it to make stories for kids to read before they can read consistently (for language or articulation).  It can be used with pre-readers and struggling readers alike.  The possibilities are endless.  Slater Software is an AWESOME company with so many awesome computer programs and pre-made curriculum.  Right now Picture It is on sale for 50% off!!!  This is a program that parents and SLPs can use.  It's easy to use and the pictures are awesome.

Check out their website for more information.

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