Well, the Olympics ended on Sunday and I'm just now getting this last blog out.  I have underestimated the power of having 2 children!  Whoa!  I had planned three separate blog posts, but instead will include all of the ideas together and try to give you ideas of how you could adjust this to be an activity for any sport, not just the Olympics.

  1. Create an Olympic Sports card (and they can trade with their friends).  You could have your child come up with what facts he/she should put on the card.  You can do this for any sport that he/she will be starting this fall.  Once they have created the list of "facts", then have them write down or tell you what should be written (name, age, favorite activity, birthdate, child's "famous" quote/saying, etc).
  2. Make an Olympic T-Shirt and then have your child explain the symbolism behind the Olympic symbol.  Explaining what the rings represent may be difficult for your child.  Therefore, you could always just have them name the colors that they see!  
  3. Talk about all of the events and the ACTIONS that are taking place (tumbling, diving, running, winning, losing, etc).  You could always turn on ESPN and find any clips from the Olympics or the sporting events that are occurring right now.  Talking about the actions and explaining that those are verbs are a great way for your child to be exposed to the word "verb."  Also, make sure to really emphasize the use of the -ing ending! 

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