I can remember our summer reading list starting when we were in Middle School.  The summer between 5th grade and 6th grade was the first time that I had an assigned summer reading list (complete with assignments and tests upon arrival to the 6th grade).  Have your kids gotten their assigned reading list yet?  Here are some good tips to help him/her this summer:
  • You should also pick up the book and read it so that you can have discussions.  This will help solidify your child's understanding of the book.
  • Pick up the "cliff's notes" of the book AFTER the child has read the book.  This will help point out some of the symbolism that you two didn't hit upon in your discussions.
  • Have your child complete the assignment (if one is already known) after reading the book.
  • If you don't have the assignments already (or if there will be a test when school starts), then have your child write about the book to help refresh his/her memory once school starts.  You could either do this as a journal while the child is reading or as a report after the book is complete.

No matter when your child's first required reading list comes out, you can start implementing summer reading programs at home as early as Kindergarten or first grade!  The key is to make it fun and interesting.  I will be blogging all week about fun ways to get kids involved in reading this summer!

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