Kids are not supposed to be able to say all of their sounds correctly right away.  It can get confusing as to when kids are supposed to be saying certain sounds, but others are still developmentally appropriate if they are misarticulated.  I've seen a guide like this before and wanted to make one!  This is based off of the Iowa-Nebraska Articulation norms.  The orange numbers on top are the female norms and the blue numbers on bottom are the male norms.  (The orange and blue was partially intentional - I couldn't figure out how to get pink since it didn't seem to an option and I'm a GATOR fan)

I chose to use the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) symbols.  If you are a parent and a few them look like hieroglyphics, then simply click here to see the translation of which sounds they stand for.  If you would rather have this in chart form, then click here (the reference that I used).

I hope this can be an easy, quick-reference for parents and therapists alike!

To download the pdf version, click here.

Caroline Denise Leasure
11/13/2019 07:20:58 am

I love this easy to read form, could I share the link (with you credited) on my school google team drive to help teachers when making referrals?
I understand if this infringes on copy rights, thank so much!


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