Is the word "lexile" new to you?  I know I never heard it while I was going through school.  However, many schools administer the "SRI" (Scholastic Reading Inventory), which gives you a lexile number.  The lexile system uses the length of the sentences, complexities of the words, and word frequency (when words are repeated).  Once the child has been given the SRI, then we know which lexile level the child can comprehend when reading.  Once you know your child's lexile level, then comes in very handy!!!  There is a lot you can do on the site.  For starters:
  • You can enter your child's lexile range or lexile level in order to find books that he/she would be able to read independently.
  • As a further search, you can put your child's interests as well to come up with books that he/she would also enjoy reading.  :o)
  • You can look up specific books by their ISBN number, Title, or books by author to find a book's lexile level.
  • If a book is not entered into the system, you can type a portion of the book (maybe a paragraph's length) into a TEXT document (not a word document... it must have ".txt" at the end of the file) and upload it to the site.  The site will give you an APPROXIMATE lexile level.
  • You can find what grade level your child is reading at according to the lexile range scores
  • Articles about reading and reading comprehension
  • You can create an account (free) to track your reading list
  • and so much more!!!
Another link that I found is the Swallow School:  As you scroll down, there are lexile ranges that are links to lists of books that are at that lexile level!  Very cool. 

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