To follow up from yesterday's blog (June 18:  Letter Boxes), here's another great activity/resource!  Don't put the objects from your letter box(es) away yet.  Follow the simple activity below to extend the life of your letter box(es)!

Let's continue with the letter A since that's what we did yesterday.  Write out a large letter A (you could do upper and lowercase if you would like), then arrange the objects around the letter A.  Take a picture.  Once you have all 26 letters, you can put the pictures into a photo album or photo book and you have made your own letter book!  Now you can save it for years to come and look through it from time to time.

Again, if you are focusing on your child's articulation sounds, then you can make a book of all his/her artic sounds.  This will be a great way for continued practice.  Once he/she has graduated from speech, the book becomes another great way to prove to your child that hard work pays off!!  

For you speech therapists out there, this may be a great thing for you to create and add to your articulation materials!!

If your child is working on listening comprehension, then you can use the book to have your child find the pictures of the things you request.  The possibilities are endless!

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