It's officially summer (I'm pretty sure even the schools in the North have been let out by now) and summer is always known for road trips (or traveling of any kind).  This week I will try to focus on some great car activities for your kids.

I've seen these in stores, but I figured that I could make one just as easily.  This is a great activity to keep in the car that will keep your kids entertained for hours.  Simply collect up small objects (examples:  toy cars, paper clip, coins, marble, pen, whistle, etc.), place them in a bottle (small soda bottle or half-gallon milk jug would work great) along with lots of rice, shake it up, and let your kids try to hunt for all of the objects in the bottle!  

Make sure to write down everything that is in the tube so your kids will know when they have found all the objects!  This can be fun for hours!

If your child is working on articulation, then try to collect objects with his/her sounds in it!  That will be a great way to get some practice in while on a road trip.

We have been pretty sick around here - my son was sick, then he got ear tubes, then I got sick... we are now on the up-swing of recovery.  Sorry for the delay in blogging.

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