I know many of you moms out there are also home-schooling your kids!  That's awesome!  However, I also know that curriculum is expensive and it doesn't always have JUST what you want.  You may be lacking some extra practice worksheets or activities that your kids need.  Well, I've started looking into great websites that may help you out!  The website names are links and there is a short description.  Just click around and hopefully you find things that are useful!

Worksheet Works is a FREE website that allows you to create worksheets in the areas of math, english, geography, puzzles, and miscellaneous topics.  You get to pick the layout of the worksheet and then you can print out the pdf file for FREE!  (If you are an SLP and your kiddos are working on grammar, then check out the english section... if you have kids working on executive functioning skills, then check out the miscellaneous section for calendars)

Hand Writing Worksheet is a FREE website that allows you create customizable handwriting worksheets with different types of handwriting (Print, D'Nealian, and Cursive).

Tools for Educators is a FREE website that has a TON of games, certificates, spelling worksheets, handwriting worksheets, and MORE!!!

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