Have you ever had those days that you went throughout the whole day without knowing what day it was?  That was me yesterday!  I didn't realize it was Friday until dinner time when I checked our calendar to see what I was cooking that day.  Wow.

Sorry Freebie Friday has become Freebie Saturday.  This freebie finishes out our week theme of snowflakes.  Simply have your child look at the three snowflakes and tell which one is different.  If your child has more sophisticated language, then have him/her tell you WHY it is different or describe one of the snowflakes.  Just print, play, and learn!

Our prayers go out to those who were affected by Nemo.  I grew up in Rhode Island and so I have many friends in the New England area who have LOTS of snowflakes right now (and some without power).

Click here for the pdf version.

clipart by Scrappin' Doodles

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