I haven't posted a game on folder game Friday in a long time!  Here is one that is a week late, but football can be a fun game year round (even if the season is over for this year).

This is an easy game to print off, personalize, and use again and again.  The game is easy (but fun) and will get your child/client working hard. One of the greatest features is that it is BLANK and so you can fill in whatever you want to on the white blocks: articulation words, questions to answer, sentences with a grammatical error, etc.  Does your child/client need to simply work on playing a game (taking turns, waiting, doing work before taking a turn, learning to lose, learning to win graciously, etc)??  Well, then put something fun in each block and simply use the mechanics of the game as your work for the session.  Is your child/client working on correcting a voice disorder?  Have him/her read sentences that you write in the blocks in order to work on proper voicing while reading.  This can also be used the same way for kids who stutter.

You can do this one of two ways.  You can print multiple copies and make multiple game boards.  Or you could print one copy, laminate it, and then use a dry erase marker to use again and again.

The PDF version is FREE and contains the instructions on how to play the game.  Just print and play!  This also makes a great game to print off, fill out, and send home for homework!

click here to print the PDF version.

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