I'm sure you have seen flip books all over pinterest or for sale at teacher supply stores.  However, here is an easy way to make one for little ones who are just starting to learn.
I love this one for kids who are already good readers and know when letters do NOT create a real word.  However, what happens when your child is just learning to read, flips three letters up that don't make a word, takes the time to sound it out, and then asks you what it means?  I'd think there might be some frustration on the child's part (I know there would be for me if I were that child). 

Instead of doing a flip book where any word can be created, you want to set your child up for success with a flip book that only has words that are REAL words.  I've separated mine into word families.  There are tabs to indicate where the word families begin.  Here's how I did it...
1.  Buy a bound set of ruled index cards.
2.  Decide which words you will include.
3.  Section out the first set of "family" words (all end with the same letters like: hat, cat, rat, sat...)
4.  Cut the index cards in half for the entire "family" section EXCEPT for the last one.  This will make a natural divide between word families.
5.  Write the beginning letter(s) on the left half of the cards
6.  Write the word family ending (i.e. "at") on the right card (you should only have to write it one time).

Now every flip will create a REAL word!!!

(Left) shows you the last card of the "family" that is NOT cut.

Also, click here for a great website that has FREE printable books that have to do with word families, sight words, etc.  It will instantly become a favorite if your child loves to learn to read!!!

2/25/2012 01:58:31 pm

This is really great - you need to market them! Yours are better!!

6/23/2012 07:01:58 am

Was just looking for a site like this, thanks


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