It's FRIDAY FLASHCARD FUN day.  It's also the last day of our flashcard week.  I hope these ideas have helped make flashcards more fun than work for your little ones.  Today is a bit more work on your part, but is a great new spin on a matching game.  There are two variations.

Variation 1:  Physical Objects
Collect up as many physical objects that match the flashcard pictures (i.e. flashcard of a lion and a small rubber/plastic lion toy, flashcard of a lollipop and a small lollipop).  Then, place all the objects in a bag.  Place your flashcards face down on the floor (like you would for a matching game).  Have the kids pick out an object from the bag.  Then, have the child turn over a card and see if it "matches."  The child who gets the most matches wins!  Once the child makes a match, there is so much language you can pull out of him/her: what it says, what it does, its name, describe it, tell how the object and picture are similar or different, etc.  Of course, you can always focus on articulation within single words, sentences, or conversation as well!

Variation 2:  Printed Pictures
Print out pictures that match the pictures on the flashcards.  Place the pictures face down and set it up like a matching game and then do the same with the flashcards.  I suggest making two separate piles because older kids are going to know the difference between the pictures you print and the flashcards that are pre-made.  Play the matching game.  Again, you can pull the same types of language goals as variation 1.

Variation 3:  (just thought of this one)  Copies
You could also make copies of the flashcards on a color copier, cut them out, and make a matching game.  You can't ask the kids how they are similar and different (because they are the same exact pictures), but you can still target a lot of language skills

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