When I worked as the deaf education teacher in the oral classroom, each week we would focus on a letter.  We started with "A" and worked our way to "Z" (as you might expect).  I had gone to many garage sales (cheap materials) and picked up the flashcard packages that were "first words", "colors", "animals", etc.  They are the packages that you will see many times in a drugstore back in the coloring book/educational book section.  I then went through and separated all the words that started with A, B, C, D, etc.  Those became my flashcards for all of the activities you will see this week.

Flashcard Find:
Before the kids came in on Monday, I will tape the flashcards around the classroom.  During circle time we would play "flashcard find."  The kids were in an oral classroom and so they were ALL working on listening comprehension.  Thus, I would cover my mouth (so they couldn't read my lips) with a listening hoop (a sewing hoop with speaker fabric so that the sound was not muffled) and say something like, "Suzy, find the flashcard on the TV."  They all had to be listening for their name and where to find the flashcard.  Of course, they all needed to know the names of the items around the room in order to find the card.  

They loved this simple game!  They would be able to get up and go get the item and then come back to the circle.  We would then look at the card and they would have to tell me the name of the picture (Alligator)!!  We would then talk about what letter it started with (A) and then point to the letter A.

It was a great way to incorporate Visual (picture on the card) and Kinesthetic (going to get the picture) aspects into the lesson.  (see blog post from August 23 about the importance of TVAK).

Here is a picture of my "T" pictures that I found from the various packages of flashcards.  As you can see, some are duplicates, but I have a wide variety of items!!!

Please excuse the picture being upside down... for some reason my computer freezes when I try to rotate the picture!!  Very strange.

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