I'm all about FREE or cheap.  Have I mentioned that before (haha).  Well, I was walking through Wal-mart and saw their paint display.  I was looking at their paint strips and paint cards and it gave me an idea for a file folder game!

Matching:  Simply cut a few solid colored paint cards in half.  Glue one set of the halves in the file folder and put the other set of halves in an envelope.  Now the kids can match the colors.  

Sorting:  Pick up a few of the paint strips with varying degrees of a color.  Cut them apart.  Glue the darkest of all the paint strips on the file folder game and put the others in an envelope.  Have the kids sort between 2-3 colors putting the varying colors with the darkest color in the file folder.

Find other things with the same color:  Take one color paint card (or construction paper) and glue it in the file folder.  Print out pictures of items from the internet (or a magazine).  Put the pictures in an envelope.  Have the kids pick out the pictures that match the same (or similar) color as the paint card glued in the file folder.

Listening:  Glue several color cards in a file folder.  Have your child listen as you say, "find the color red".  You can make it harder by saying, "find the color of the sun".

**for durability, laminate the file folders**

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