I have missed two fridays in a row (funeral two weeks ago and severely sick last Friday)!  I was determined not to miss this Friday.

Here is a game that focuses learning on the days of the week (knowing them in order), time concepts (yesterday, today, tomorrow, after, and before), and sequencing.  The beauty of this game is that the answers are not always going to be the same because the kids get to arrange the "activity tiles" on the days of the week in any order that he/she would like.  Some of the questions on the game board refer to the "activity tiles" (i.e. "What day is soccer practice?").  That means that the answers will change each time the activity tiles are moved to a new position.  We never want the kids to memorize the answers and not really understand the concept.

This game can also be modified to fit the level of the player.  The days of the week are labeled, but if you want to challenge your child, then you could always cut days off.  There is a "yesterday, today, tomorrow" tool that can be placed above the days of the week to help aid your child in understanding these time concepts.  However, you could remove this tool once your child starts to really understand the time concepts.  

If your child is really focusing on listening comprehension, then you can add that into the game.  Instead of allowing the child to choose all the tiles and where they go, try to cover your mouth and instruct him/her on where to place the tiles.  You could also let him/her choose the placement for two or three tiles and then follow instructions on the rest.  

As always, if your child is strictly working on articulation, then make sure he/she focuses on his/her sound while playing the game.

Oh... and as an added bonus, there are the words to the "days of the week" song that I used with my pre-schoolers.  They always loved it!!  Enjoy and happy friday!

pdf version - click here
6/29/2012 03:40:49 am

I stumbled upon your website while searching pinterest this morning. I am a speech language pathologist specializing in working with children with hearing loss from birth to school aged. I appreciate all of your time and dedication to sharing your activities, insight, and knowledge with everyone. I was wondering is there a file with this post? Again thank you!!!!!


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