Does the old adage, "better late than never" work here?  It's not exactly Folder Game Friday, but File Folder Sunday doesn't sound as good.  :o)  Sorry it's a few days late!

This game is in honor of three birthday celebrations this week - two very special babies had their actual birth - day (Ramsey was born on 12 September and Layla was born on 13 September) and my son celebrated his 11-month "birthday" this week too!  What an exciting week - full of blessings!

This game is a number-match game.  I know that speech therapists don't work on numbers (that's math), but you can always get language out of the game by talking about the child's last birthday party (or the one coming up), a favorite present he/she received, what kind of cake he/she likes, etc.  If your child is working on listening comprehension, after the game has been completed (all the matches have been made), you could say, "find the cake with two candles".  That would focusing your child's skills on listening and following the directions!  I hope you enjoy this file folder game!

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