I've named this activity "3-similar" for very practical reasons.  You will typically use three cards during a turn and the pictures on the cards are all similar.  Hence, 3-similar.  :o)

This is a great game that doesn't necessarily have to be in the form of a file folder.  However, I always like to keep them in file folders because that makes them easy to store.  

Simply print out the pictures and cut out each card individually.  You are ready to play (simple, huh?).  Place three cards in front of the child and start describing one picture.  I typically like to give three clues and have the child try to find the correct picture.  This is a great activity because it's easy to modify the game to meet the child's level.  You can use two cards if three is too hard.  Here are some other "examples" of ways to modify the game:

Easy version:
Place three different pictures in view (i.e. pumpkin, bat, witch)
Tell the child, “find the pumpkin”

Moderate version:
Place three different pictures in view (i.e. pumpkin, bat, witch)
Tell the child: 
“Find something that is black” (bat or witch)
“That flies” (bat or witch) “on a broom” (witch)

Hard version:
Place all three pumpkins in view
Tell the child:
“Find an orange pumpkin” (could be any of the 3 pictures)
“With two teeth” (could be one 2 of the pictures)
“The teeth are on the bottom of his mouth” (could only be one picture)

You can also have the child start to describe one particular picture and YOU have to guess.  It's a neat spin on describing because you can only get the correct picture if the description is detailed enough and said correctly.  This will give the child feedback about what he/she is saying without you having to correct all the time.  

This activity is great for kids who are working on listening comprehension (either due to auditory discrimination difficulty or hearing loss) or kids who have some language deficits and may be working on "following directions."  

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