What's a better way of playing a matching game around Easter than using plastic Easter eggs and an egg carton?  This is an easy Easter match game that can be adapted for whatever needs your child has.  Simply cut out the pictures (below), place one picture in each plastic egg and play a matching game.  Kids love to open things (like eggs) and see what's inside!  This is a great way to work on matching, teach Easter vocabulary, describe the pictures, work on articulation, correct use of voice while talking, work on fluent speech, etc.  If you want your child to work on reading, then simply cut some strips of paper and write the words and place those in the eggs.  The best part is - you probably have all the materials already!

Click here to print the pdf version!

Other variations:  

If your child is working on listening comprehension, then allow the child to play the game and then lay the cards out and ask for a specific one.

If your kids need more movement, then you could hide the Easter eggs like the Easter bunny does and allow them to find them all first and then start playing the game.

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